Tips On What To Bring Camping

Camping is a favorite activity for many people. However, as enjoyable as the camping trip is, packing for it can create a lot of stress. What clothes will be worn? What foods will be prepared? Will tents need to be pitched, or will cabins be reserved? With a little forethought and planning, packing for a camping trip is not that hard. What should be packed can be divided into three main categories: clothing, food, and shelter. Here are tips on what to bring camping that will take the stress out of the preparation.

Clothing should be appropriate for the season. They should keep the body cool in the summer and provide warmth for the winter. Choose items that can be layered, mixed and matched to maximize their usage in any type of weather conditions. Clothes can be divided into four layers: the inner layer, the mid-layer, the insulation layer, and the outer layer.

The inner layer is closest to the body. This layer wicks moisture from the body when it perspires in order to keep it dry. It also serves as insulation in colder weather. The mid-layer is clothing that is worn daily, like t-shirts, pants, and shirts that can be worn alone in good weather under outerwear when it is colder. An insulation layer includes thicker shirts, vests, sweaters and sweatshirts. These are worn when the inner and mid layers are inadequate in keeping the body warm. These should be lightweight and made with a breathable fabric to allow the body to regulate its temperature. An outer layer gives maximum protection to the body against elements like wind, rain and snow. This layer should also be constructed in a breathable fabric and should keep the body warm and dry in harsh weather conditions. Check the weather ten days in advance to get an idea on what type of clothes to bring.

Meals should be kept simple. Recipes for one-dish meals are perfect for camping. Meals can be prepped ahead of time and wrapped in foil that can be heated up on the camp stove. Ingredients should be easy to store, like canned goods. Good meal options are chili, hot dogs, beans, potatoes, and various condiments. Pancakes can be made by a simple mixture of flour, water and salt. Fresh cornbread can be made in the pan by mixing cornmeal, butter, water and salt. If there is fishing nearby, fresh fish can make any camp meal extra special.

The sleeping bag should be warm enough for the evening chill. If campers are sleeping in tents, make sure that the tents are in good condition, and that all the tent stakes and anchors are there.

Personal toiletry items should be simplified to the very basic items. Leave the hairstyling gel at home. All medications should be taken along. A well-stocked first aid kit is essential.

There are items that are frequently forgotten by campers. These are car chargers for the cell phone, glasses, trash bags, a flash light that works, batteries, matches or a lighter, hand sanitizer, paper towels and toilet tissue, a tarp, and a tooth brush.

What should you bring for recreation while you are camping? That will depend on personal interests. If fishing is among the activities, then the proper fishing gear will be needed. Cards and board games can provide evening entertainment. Guitar music by the campfire is always a pleasant way to pass the time.

Plan on what to bring camping a couple of weeks in advance. Last minute packing is what causes a lot of stress. Make a list early and start gathering the items. With good planning in advance, it will give the camping trip a good start.