The Ultimate Destination to Celebrate Love

Escape to a romantic island resort with that special someone. Whether it’s your honeymoon, anniversary celebration or a retreat just for the two of you, there are luxury suites, romantic candlelight dinners surrounded by breathtaking scenery and much more.

Ratua Private Island, Vanuatu

David Lansing, contributing editor of the Island, describes his experience here as being rewardingly self-centered, from selecting rib-eye or lobster, to a relaxing doze under a canopy or quiet paddle upstream to a shaded lagoon.

Experience the Nagol ceremony, a local attraction that takes place each week from April to June, where the local menfolk perform naked, jumping from a wooden platform held only by a vine tied to their ankles. The months from May to October offer the best weather, with blue skies and no threat of cyclones; it is the best time to visit us.

Eden Rock Hotel, St. Barts’

Surrounded by stunning sculptures, this hotel located at the heart of St Barts’ island offers a vibrant atmosphere, in the midst of buzzing activity. The Rock’s Restaurant, hovering atop the cliff side opening out to St Jean Bay, offers a unique dining experience which our editors particularly enjoy. It is truly a meal worth your spending.

Here at Eden Rock, each suit is designed to cater to each unique individual, with also a recording studio at the Rockstar Villa.

Experience the luxury at St Barts’ resort at affordable prices in the months of May and June.

Cayo Espanto, Belize

Not so far from the city, located on a privately owned island, the submerged bungalows of Cayo Espanto are a match for the submerged bungalows of the South Pacific. Unlike any other Carrabin villa, their clear glass floor, offers the perfect view of the life under water.

The months March to April, with clear seas and sky is the best tie for a visit.