Most Interesting Places to Visit in Banten

Banten Province is a province that located at the western end of Java island. Because the location quite strategic, Banten has become favorite destination urban people from Jakarta and surrounding area. Banten has many potential and extraordinary places and sights that you can choose if you come to Jakarta and wanna travelling around. So, what else the most interesting places in Banten that worth to visit? Here are the following list.

13 Most Interesting Places To Visit in Banten

1. Anyer Beach

One of the most popular, most visit and also most interesting places in Banten is Anyer Beach. Especially those residents of Jakarta and its surrounding because of its pretty close range and affordable. If you visit Jakarta and looking for beautiful beach nearby, Anyer Beach is your perfect choices.

This beach has beautiful white sand. Many activities you can do in this beach such as play sand, diving, surfing, swimming, enjoy the beauty of the beach, and also eat delicious traditional seafood at the seaside. You don’t need to worry if you want to stay at Anyer Beach area, because there are many sea view hotel around.

2. Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park located at the very end of west side of Java island. Ujung Kulon National Park not only cover land area on the Java island, but also includes several island around the western tip of Java island.

There are some activities you can do in Ujung Kulon National Park such as camping, trekking and explore the wild in this national park. The most popular tourist attraction in Ujung Kulon National Park is to witness the rare and protected animal one-horned rhinoceros in their natural habitat. Many things you can learn here, especially the importance of preserving the natural world around us.

3. Mount Krakatau / Krakatoa Mountain

This is also one of most interesting places to visit in Banten. Mount Krakatoa is worldwide famous because of its tremendous eruption back in 1883 that effect most of the part of the world, not only Indonesia. Now, it has become a favorite tourist spot and many tour agencies offer package to visit this mountain.

There are many things you can do beside hike the mount of son of Krakatoa. There are many beautiful and alluring diving and snorkeling spots around. You can also stay in home-stay with local resident.

4. Sawarna Beach

Sawarna Beach is an beach tourism area in Banten that relatively new. Sawarna Beach began to visit by many visitor around the year of 2000 and thanks to internet explosion for that. Since then Sawarna Beach has start to become one of the most interesting places to visit in Banten. Its located in Sawarna Village, approximately 150 kilometers from Rangkasbitung.

Sawarna Beach is visited by hundreds of tourist each day from around West Java until foreign tourist. Sawarna Beach also become favorite of many foreigner tourist because the waves on this beach is pretty high. High enough so suitable for surfing.

5. Kampung Baduy / Baduy Village

Baduy Village is a village that people from Baduy tribes lives. For you who very interested to learn unique culture of Indonesia, especially Baduy culture, this place is the place. Baduy tribe is one of the native tribe in Banten and located in Lebak. Baduy tribe still hold firm the traditional Sundanese culture from hundreds of years ago.

Baduy tribe has population over 8.000 people and its divided by two, namely Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy) and Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy). The difference between those tribes is Inner Baduy rejected the outside world. And the Outer Baduy is Baduy tribe that is more open to the outside world.

6. Tanjung Lesung

Tanjung Lesung is an exclusive beach area and well located on the western tip of Java island. To be precised , its located in Pandeglang, Banten approximately 180 kilometers from Jakarta. With an area approximately 1.500 hectares. Tanjung Lesung offer you many extraordinary exclusive facilities with beautiful sights.

Tanjung Lesung beach is a beach that very beautiful with clean white sand. Many major activities you can do in Tanjung Lesung such as diving, snorkeling, fishing and also any kind of water sports. There are many exclusive villas available in Tanjung Lesung for you who want to stay here.

7. Great Mosque of Banten

Great Mosque of Banten is a very  important historical heritage. The Great Mosque of Banten was founded in 1959 and has a strong architecture of ancient architecture technology. The uniqueness of this great mosque is there are a fusion of different cultures in the architecture, including Hindu, Chinese, Javanese, and also even Europe. In addition to the mosque you can see, here you can also see the heritage of Islamic empire in Banten. Many moslem tourist who visit Great Mosque of Banten.

8. Umang Island

Umang Island is located not far away from Tanjung Lesung, approximately 180 kilometers from Jakarta. Umang Island cover the area about 5 hectares devoted to sites managed by private parties. Like Tanjung Lesung, Umang Island also has complete facilities, from swimming pools, sport facilities, karaoke, meeting rooms, and also water games. You can feel the sensation of isolated in the island when you stay in here.

9. Rafting at Ciberang River

Ciberang river is one of the locations for rafting near Jakarta. You will taste the adventurous sensation when you walk into the rafting location. Because the condition around the river Ciberang still lush and green.

Similarly, the condition of the river itself, the beautiful scenery you can see when doing rafting. If you want to book a package of river rafting at Ciberang river, you better do it in the rainy season. Or you can ask in advance about the condition of the river. Because sometimes, usually in the dry season, the river is dry.

10. Rawa Dano / Dano Swamp

Rawa Dano is located in Serang District, about 100 km from Jakarta. With an area about 2.500 hectares Rawa Dano is one of the most interesting places to visit in Banten that offer natural beauty tourism.

Rawa Dano is a swamp area that has lakes, forest, and swamps that makes many species of reptiles live here, such as snakes and lizards. According to the story, Rawa Dano once was a volcano that no longer active and turns into a lake on which thee is a swamp.

11. Tasikardi Lake

The name of Tasikardi Lake is derived from the Sundanese language, which means artificial lake. Located in Kramatwatu District, Tasikardi Lake is a relic of Sultan of Banten which covered an area about 5 hectares.

Tasikardi Lake located only 6 kilometers west side of Serang. Tasikardi Lake also serve to  become water reservoir of Cibanten River water and used for irrigation of paddy field at the same time.

Tasikardi Lake was once a recreation place for Sultan families. But nowadays, it has become one of most interesting places to visit in Banten and of course free to public. Various things you can do in Tasikardi Lake. Like playing water boats, camping, fishing, enjoying cool air atmosphere around the lake and you can also crossed into the middle of the lake to visit the island that has relics of Sultan of Banten.

12. Sangiang Island

Sangiang Island is located in the Sunda Strait, Banten. You can reach Sangiang Island by boat from Anyer Beach for about 45 minutes. Sangiang Island is just like Umang Island, privately owned and fully develped into a tourist area.

Here, you can enjoy various types of tours and activities which has an area about 700 hectares. Like marine tourism, scientific tourism, cultural tourism, and also natural tourism. In addition, there are many activities you can do on this island, such as cycling, mountain climbing, fishing, camping, diving, sunbathing on the beach, and also enjoy the views of the rest of the World War II in the form of Japanese castle.

13. Carita Beach and Karang Bolong Beach

Carita Beach is one of the most interesting places to visit in Banten and also one of most popular tourist attraction in Banten. Located after Anyer Beach, Carita Beach draws the famous because you can see mount Krakatoa from the beach. It has completed facilities and Carita Beach also famous with its traditional fresh sea food.

Right after Carita Beach and before reach Anyer Beach, there is Karang Bolong Beach. This is a unique beach. In keeping with its name, Karang Bolong Beach is a beach that is in a reef hole from the pounding waves.

Surely, you can not swim in Karang Bolong Beach because there are many corals that can be harmful to you. But you can climb stairs to the top of holey reef. There you can see beatiful scenery of the see from the top of the reef.