Ladakh Trekking Tips

The Himalayas, the greatest and most wondrous mountains of India are famous for being the centre of India’s famed Himalayan Trekking excursions. Trekking in the area of Ladakh offers travelers an exceptional combination of beauty, adventure and a deeply rooted culture. Below are a few great Ladakh Trekking tips to get you started on your trip.

For most people, the high elevation is about the only thing that’s unfamiliar with them while trekking. Most people won’t want to trek at altitudes over 8500 meters. What people do not realize is that hiking at altitudes under 8000 meters will actually help you enjoy the terrain and trekking experience more. Instead of losing energy you will be able to use it for vital activities while trekking at lower altitudes.

Prior to your Ladakh trekking trip, you should prepare the body by ensuring that you have the right equipment for your trip all. There are some things that can make the cold not bad although the cold is something that’s not pleasant. For example, plenty of trekkers enjoy having clothing that is warm and snow hats during the cold season. The snow hats will keep the rest of your body in addition to the sun from your face. Additionally, it is a good idea to buy some socks or mittens to keep your hands warm when scaling.

You should be prepared for the weather in Ladakh. The Himalayas are known for being a cold climate that is the reason why when the temperature is comfortable, a lot of trekkers like to travel in the summertime. During the summer months, there is a risk that sunlight may scorch your skin but the evenings are usually cool.

Many people believe the weather in Ladakh is the one thing which will differ about the trip but you should also think of the food that you will be bringing with you. Often times, people will bring the food for their trip, which can make the difference between suffering from illness and food poisoning and enjoying your trip. Lots of men and women end up in the hospital due to their food choices, but you should learn how to prepare your food properly if the trekking season comes around.

Another very important idea to take with you while hiking in Ladakh is to have a satellite phone that is compatible with your mobile phone plan that is Indian. In order to remain connected on the trekking route with family and friends, there is a phone quite important. If you don’t have a phone, it’s a good idea since you can pick up the conversation that you would have missed without a telephone, to purchase one.

Another suggestion to take with you while trekking in Ladakh is to be certain that you know the maps that you are using. Having the ideal maps can prevent you from getting lost when you’re on the trail and can also help you in the event you get lost. At times, because they do not have the maps to guide them on the route that they should be taking people end up finding themselves in difficult terrain and have to abandon their trek.

You don’t need to take any chances with your health, In regards to Ladakh. Before you take the trek taking the steps that are necessary to ensure that you enjoy your trip is a good idea.