First Impression of Thai

Land Travel Trip

I have never traveled abroad at all times. I have heard my friends tell about the beautiful country, Thailand, where has many attractions, shopping, the show pede …. I have ever read newspaper or magazine about travelling in Thailand. All of these give impetus to me and finally I signed up 5 days 4 nights tour Thailand Tourism Company Intour organization.

The time that I have expected arrived. I and accompanies were present at the international airport of Tan Son Nhat for carrying out procedures for flight TL according appointment of my company.

Turkey to Bangkok

Thailand take us more than 1 hour to arrive to Suvanabhumi a Thailand international airport beautifully and scale. We carried out the security procedures for entry into the country Thai. It is impressed is when we went into the car, we were taken photos and were put a feston on neck instead of the greeting words in the first encounter. This is ways that The Thai do travelling. During our travelling trip, I feel impressed about do travelling of The Thai, their tourism did very well and professionally that was reflected in every detail. On our trip, we were introduced a lot of great destinations as well as the Thailand special dishes by travel guide’s explanations.

The attractions Thailand’s tourist point also show guest performers as: circus crocodile (Tigerzoo), 007, dolphin .. (Safari) … make us very excited. We are watched the show pede art shows that performed by transsexual dancers and we felt impressive and interesting.

The success of this trip can not forget two great contribution of two people are Thailand tour guiding staff and Duc- a chief of Intour company. A trip were very satisfied not only in understanding the value of knowledge but also the friendliness and hospitality of the Thai through this trip.