Excellent Tips on How to Travel to Iran in 2020

What You Need to Know About Iran

We all agree that at one point or another, we have heard about Iran. In the past decade, Iran was among the countries that seemed unsafe to travel to for various reasons. Well, we have witnessed some wars revolving around it. Maybe you are wondering if you can travel to Iran or not, maybe for what happened at the beginning of the year. The truth is we have different opinions about Iran. However, when we explore more in-depth, we find something amazing in the country.

One thing to note is that if the pilot is willing to fly to Iran, it means that the country is safe for flights. Various air services travel to Iran daily and others several times a week. It implies that you can feel comfortable to travel to Iran without any fear. Besides, if you do not understand their language, translation from Arabic to English can be done using a translation site, which is a perfect tool to help you master the language with ease.

What to Learn about Iran

Firstly, Iran is an incredible country to travel to and meet friendly people. The architecture is amazing with a fascinating culture. There has been a lot of propaganda on how problematic and dangerous it is to travel to Iran. However, that is not true. You are set to encounter striking landscapes that are out of this universe. Therefore, it is essential to know some things to pay tribute to their culture and religion.

The reason why you need to know these tips before you travel to this incredible country is to ensure a fascinating stay. They value their culture, and you can only get a rough time when you interfere with what they do. However, you can learn some ideas that will help you blend in and enjoy the whole stay.

Consider the Custom

One of the greatest things, when you travel to any country, is to try and blend in with the natives and learn about country as you can. In most cases, everything about a specific country is enshrined in their cultures and customs. Learning such aspects is particularly essential before you travel to Iran to avoid offending the locals or make them feel disrespected. So, some of the traditions to uphold to stay well with the locals include:

  • Women wearing headscarves (hijabs) throughout in public, besides, they must not wear tight clothes that show their shape of the figure.
  • Men must always wear long pants but are allowed to wear short-sleeved shirts
  • Giving thumbs-up is considered rude
  • The unrelated opposite gender should not touch each other. There is no hugging and shaking of hands for the opposite sex.
  • Never show public affection in public, even if he or she is your significant other.
  • If someone invites you to their house, always carry a gift. It can be a flower, candy, or anything.

Having known about some essential customs to uphold, ensure you stick to them to avoid offending the natives. Clothing in Iran is cheap. Therefore, if you do not have clothes that meet their standards, you can get one with a hijab and buy them once you arrive in Iran. The natives are friendly and will always let you know politely if you do something that is not right.

Ensure you get your visa before you travel to Iran. Initially, the process was hectic, but with the introduction of a visa on arrival, you can feel comfortable to travel. However, travelers from the UK, USA, and Canada need to be under a guided tour.

You only need elementary guidance to make your visit to Iran excellent. The reason why individuals may not prefer visiting Iran is because of the customs. However, they do not demand a lot from you. It is simple, and you enjoy your visit without and worry. Do not be afraid to travel to this country. There is a lot to learn as long as you uphold the travel tips when visiting the country.